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Lab Services

Lab Services

HCL offers a variety of Lab Services to help you get the most our of your Informix deployments. For further information or to get started, please email us at

Priority Support Services - Lab Services
Priority Support Services

Priority Support Services offer priority handling of your support issues over and above the standard support process on a monthly subscription basis.

Premium Advisory Services - Lab Services
Premium Advisory Services

Premium Advisory Services provide onsite and online advisory services to customers and partners on time and material (T&M) basis to get optimal utilization and throughput from your Informix environment.

Deployment Acceleration - Lab Services
Deployment Acceleration

Deployment Acceleration helps you deploy your solution quicker by providing assistance in training, up and running, configuration, design and implementation of your solution.

Partner Acceleration
Partner Acceleration

Lab Services will help enable partner applications, compliment partner offerings, and provide priority support in an effort to promote growth and make our partners more successful.
Joint asset programs and joint GTM programs provide incentives for solution providers to address specific use case scenarios with a holistic solution stack. This accelerates design, development, and deployment of industry solutions using Informix.
Referral programs also available to incentivize mutually beneficial business relations.

Training Services

HCL provides many enablement services that includes but is not limited to training, certification, boot camps, Proof of Concepts (PoC), and Proof of Technology (PoT) engagement for customers, ISV partners, business partners, and IoT partners alike.
We also provide unique training and certification for partners registered with the HCL Informix referral program.

FAQ - Lab Services

Question: What is the difference between priority support services and premium services?
Answer: Priority support services is intended for customers and partners who are looking for much quicker turnaround for their Sev1 and Sev2 issues than offered under the current support model. Usually offered for an added flat fee, priority support service complements your existing support contract. Premium services is intended for customers who need assistance in tuning and optimizing their Informix environment for efficient business operations. Premium services include, but are not limited to, system and performance review and tuning, system architecture and design assistance and Informix best practices consulting.

Question: Who is the targeted audience for deployment acceleration services and what specific services are delivered under this umbrella?
Answer: Primarily targeted for new customers, deployment acceleration helps customers to deploy their solution quicker through assistance in training, up and running, configuration, consulting, design implementation or upgrade/ migration of their environment. This also includes long term managed/professional service engagements. The Service can be tailored to Individual customer needs. The services under deployment acceleration include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Bundled (free or for charge )consulting services with new term licenses (online)
  • Solution Consulting (onsite or online)
  • Datamart and data warehouse design and implementation consulting with IWA (onsite or online)
  • Upgrade/Migration Services (onsite, online)
  • Managed/Professional Services (Up & running, DBA, DB Configuration, Monitoring)

Question: As a partner, how can I exploit your partner acceleration program?
Answer: We provide Enablement Services for current and prospective partners to accelerate solution and/or service delivery to our existing and new customers. The specific terms and nature of the service will depend on partner needs. The goal of partner acceleration is to help our Informix partners grow and build and vibrant and very successful partner ecosystem. All Lab services offerings are designed to be complementary and not competitive to our partners. The specific services under partner acceleration include the following:

  • Solution Consulting (onsite, online)
  • Help enable existing partner software for Informix Database (onsite, online)
  • Joint architecture, design and implementation of partner solutions (onsite, online)
  • Testing Services. Help test partner solution for accelerated delivery (onsite, online)
  • Priority support services - provide priority support services - provide priority support services through partners for Informix customer base
  • Joint asset programs
  • ISV Integration

Question: What is the Informix Referral program?
Answer: Informix referral program is a new program designed to reward individuals and partners for promoting HCL Informix. More details of this program will be announced soon.

Training Services
HA Design & Cloud Backup

HA design and Cloud backup service includes the design, implementation, and setup of High Availability (HA) and disaster recovery solutions in the cloud or for on-premise Informix database instances. Service also includes the architectural design, implementation, and setup of the Amazon S3 storage environment, enabling cost effective backup solutions that leverage Informix’s ability to back-up directly to the cloud.