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HCL Technologies

Redefining Workplace

The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses
-Edith Södergran- Finnish Poet
Fire, one of the most powerful elements known to us. Even the smallest flame illuminates, the slightest warmth comforts and when nurtured with care, fire powers the greatest ideas known.  
Inside every HCLT employee, there burns a passion to continually grow and succeed. 
At HCLT, we continue to ask ourselves- How do we kindle the ‘inner fire’ of our HCLT employees to facilitate their growth? How do we ignite their ‘questioning minds’ and sustain innovation? How do we catch the spark of a ‘game-changing idea’ to improve the experience of our customers? 
HCLT’s workplace practices include programs and platforms that offer everyday inspiration and new employee experiences.  Founded on our ‘Employees First’ culture, Redefined Workplace  is a meeting ground of ideas, innovation and intellect. Not only are employees encouraged to work in ways that inspire each other, continuous opportunities for innovation and inspiration is provided in all stages of their careers.
At HCLT, we recognize that our employees today are the business leaders of tomorrow. We believe in actions that are employee-driven and management-embraced. This is possible by inverting the pyramid, one of the four tenets of our ‘Employees First’ philosophy. 
The ‘Mirror Mirror’ exercise that we undertake on a regular basis helps us understand what our employees need. Our various ‘Speak Up’ forums indicate that our employees enjoy the entrepreneurship culture which gives them a sense of ownership to innovate, incubate and implement ideas therefore improving the ‘value zone’ that exists between HCLT and its customers. 
At every point in the employee life cycle, we provide them with programs that build a culture of trust and transparency and enable their transformational journey. All employees are provided with information on our culture, code of conduct, channels for redressals, health and safety norms, and other employee benefit programs on a regular basis. The redressal channels are available for all employees including our supply-chain community that includes security, housekeeping, transport and support staff where cases are dealt with utmost confidentiality. 
Four significant cases were addressed through SECURE which is the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Workplace initiative at HCLT. Two significant cases were registered through Whistleblower and actions were taken appropriately.  We continue to respond our employee grievances and queries on policies, processes and welfare programs platforms like the Smart Service Desk (SSD).  During FY 2012, we did not have any contracts that include clauses incorporating human rights concerns, or that have undergone human rights screening. 
In line with our commitment to promote trust and transparency,  473+ queries were registered in U&I, a CEO conversation channel where employees can write to the CEO on any grievances they have. The CEO also initiated his own page on our internal social networking platform, Meme. This page has employees regularly sharing their feedback on HCLT’s programs and providing ideas to the CEO on business and innovation aspects. 
For the fourth consecutive year in a row, we have been certified by WorldBlu, a global network of organizations committed to democracy and freedom in the workplace.

Materiality Matrix

In FY 2011, we engaged with key stakeholders to identify materiality parameters for our Redefine Workplace vision. This year, we continue to focus on these parameters and the prioritization of activities are based on the Materiality Matrix.
As an organization that believes in ‘Employees First’, all parameters related to our employee-life cycle is of high significance to us.
HCL Workplace: Redefine Matrix

Significance is the measure of 2 parameters - 
(1) Importance to stakeholders
(2) Importance to HCLT's business

Work Force Data Points

Our attrition rate for FY 2012 was 14% for our IT services which include our Software and Infrastructure divisions.
Workforce by regionFY 2012FY 2011
Total Workforce  
USA & LATAM73975739
APAC & RoW33913266
% of local hires/Senior Management* hires outside India   
USA & LATAM84 %70.00 %
Europe92.86 %83.78 %
APAC & RoW81.25 %80.00 %
Diversity Data   
% of women in total work force24.63%24.42 %
% of women returned after maternity leave86.20%83.2 %
% of men returning after paternity leave100%100%
Ratio of salary at entry level hires (Men: Women)1:11:1
Contract Staff4498 
*General Managers and above
Scope:  HCLT Technologies, Global Operations

Our attrition rate for FY 2012 was 14% for our IT services which include our Software and Infrastructure divisions. 
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.