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Communication gaps within an organization create activity dissonance and silo mentality between employees— leading to delays, limited exchange of ideas, and consequently, loss of productivity and innovation. The problem is further compounded by a lack of knowledge management tools and proper employee training. Statistics show that tactical decision makers (such as store managers and buyers) spend between 15-30% of their time searching for information with less than 50% success rate. According to data, more than half of retailers and employers regularly need to collaborate with people across different departments and geographies. HCLTech’s Retail Enterprise Collaboration solution offers a comprehensive portal for collaboration, employee engagement, global communication of announcements, sharing of real-time information, feedback, news, and ideas.

The business benefits of using Retail Enterprise Collaboration solution include enhanced quality of communication, a more effective method of collaboration, reduced decision-making time, and improved user experience. Additionally, sales and profits are bolstered while driving brand integrity. This unique platform allows capture and exchange of ideas outside of limited media such as traditional email. Retail Enterprise Collaboration facilitates employee retention and supplies the appropriate tools for training. Content management and authoring is simplified with access available to pre-defined templates and workflow channels. Messages across brands, stores, customers, and merchandise levels become clear and more consistent. Accountability and transparency are able to be better maintained in relation to defined store and corporate roles. As a result, employee satisfaction is exponentially increased and ROI is accelerated with superior digital content and knowledge management.