A leading client’s security software products were being used by a large user base. There was a need to understand the usage behaviour of the end users and to identify relevant security notifications that customers reacted to. HCL’s product intelligence framework helped ingest data from a wide spectrum of users and helped analyze their usage patterns and application navigation trends. It provided valuable insights on notification tracking, social media sharing and marketing insights for focused segments.

HCL’s Product Telemetry solution (PROTEL) is designed to help companies address the business challenges arising because of the increasing scope, design and deployment complexity of products. It collects telemetry data and uses patented machine learning algorithms to accelerate actionable insights to improve decision making, drive fact based strategic planning and provide enhanced customer satisfaction. PROTEL supports model driven telemetry to collect streaming data over multiple industry standard protocols. It has state of the art data management and governance features. It supports the entire nine yards of machine learning lifecycle management, incorporating pre-built sematic data models, pre-packaged AI and ML algorithms, pre-built visualizations, model deployment, model monitoring and model re-training capabilities. PROTEL provides ready to use actionable insights that can be used by all the product stakeholders: Business and Marketing teams, Product Management, Engineering, Support and Operations teams.