HCL’s Cognitive Workplace solutions helps our customers to leverage a combination of AI-powered solutions and automation techniques together to achieve their business goals of customer engagement (enhanced services) and competitive advantage (TTM, Differentiated product etc.). These enterprise-grade solutions empower a significant transformation of workplace productivity, directly impacting the day-to-day operations across functions.

Cognitive KERNEL is HCL’s Cognitive Engineering platform, that leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Deep learning techniques, along with along with HCL’s proven Platform Accelerators and Test Automation frameworks to drive operational efficiency gain, increase speed to market & improve workforce productivity in a Product Development life Cycle environment. Cognitive KERNEL enables Product Engineering teams to use AI/ML based solutions during product development, Testing/QA, Integration, sustenance and support phases. These intelligent solutions are bolstered by HCL’s HCL’s proven IPs, Custom Platform accelerators and flexible frameworks, that have successfully delivered world-class products for F500 giants in ISV, Internet, Consumer Electronics, Content Service providers, Network and OEM verticals etc. Cognitive Kernel can be used either on-premise or consumed via cloud, and can be seamlessly integrated with various Engineering Development and Testing Tools, Enterprise Applications, Database and Infrastructure environment.

These Cognitive workplace solutions are flexible and scalable in design, easy to build and integrate across diverse Engineering PDLC Tools and Enterprise Application landscape. Their successful implementations have delivered great business value to our customers in terms of increased speed to market, improved employee productivity, enhanced customer engagements (internal & external customers), and reduced costs of support operations.