Predicting the maintenance schedule for the industrial printers | HCL Case Study

HCL's PANGEA predicting the maintenance schedule for the industrial printers

A Japanese technology company which is one of the manufacturers and the biggest player in the multifunctional printer market, was in the need to predict how long their copier machine will survive so that preplanning to handle such situations can be done and also uptime for the machine can be enhanced to increase the overall productivity. As part of the HCL solution, predicting the time for a Service engineer to service or replace charger unit in a copier machine is arrived at, based on different functional parameters collected from the copier machine using PANGEA. HCL’s PANGEA a distributed analytics workbench that provides an end to end platform for deriving faster and accurate business insights. PANGEA brings in automation to achieve speed, scale, collaboration and also implements best practices across analytics life cycle to reduce the total cost of ownership. It provides zero coding approach to handle end to end analytics and even with a single click you can deploy a model. With its latest features like Edge Analytics, Model monitoring, and ability to handle unstructured data via implementation of Logstash, it has become a collaboration platform to make operational interaction between business to domain to analytics professionals smoother.