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Multi-Channel Strategy Supported with Microservices

Global Financial Services Provider Helps Companies Deliver a Memorable Customer Experience

One of the world’s largest FinTech organizations, this provider of banking and payment solutions develops tools that help thousands of businesses and banking institutions provide an industry-leading end-user experience.

Business Challenges

The company’s mobile department is undergoing a significant digital transformation. Moving to a microservices architecture is enabling its goal of rapidly expanding its multichannel services. To support that move, the company needed assistance implementing a strong process that allows rapid development and integration of digitalized banking services into its backend system.


Working alongside the customer, Enterprise Studio (formerly CA Services and Education) ensured that Service Virtualization, a Broadcom solution, met the customer’s key objectives. Now the company stands up a backend that microservices can connect to for integration testing early in the development process. This helps the team pick up defects early on, reduces delays and facilitates maintenance — use of A/B testing allows the team to iterate rapidly based on user feedback. These are key capabilities in market that requires balancing high-risk financial transitions with the need to deliver new products quickly.


Service Virtualization helps the company release new customer-delighting, self-service mobile products and services faster than ever before. The company has newfound confidence in its applications and has reduced development man hours. With the customer experience always a top priority, the company invites its mid-size clients, which don’t have the capacity to innovate in-house, to use its platform to build their own microservices. The company knows it has gained more than just a service virtualization tool; it also has a new partner in innovation.