HCL Integrates Chatbot Platform for Financial Services Firms | HCL Technologies

Integration of Chatbot Platforms for Client's Trading Securities

Two leading financial services firms, trading in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, came together to integrate their chatbots, built on the Symphony Platform, which will result in a more seamless flow of information for clients trading securities on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The customized chatbot, developed by HCL, will improve the workflow efficiency between both organizations and the overall client experience. HCL’s Debbie™ will further help the organizations reduce process time and provide real time answers to client’s trade settlement queries.

The Bot2Bot program, developed in an Agile and DevOps approach, replaces manual responses to status updates on their securities trades. Using these new chatbots, trade settlement status queries for the Hong Kong market are now available to both organizations. This significantly reduces the manual eort required to query status updates, improving both speed and accuracy. A process that used to previously take up to three minutes for a single trade will now be handled in bulk by the chatbots in real-time, allowing both organizations the ability to significantly reduce eort by the client servicing and operation teams, allowing them to focus on providing an even better client experience.