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Giarte Case Study Belgacom and HCL 2013

Giarte Case Study Belgacom and HCL 2013

Headquartered in Brussels, the Belgacom Group is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium. It is primarily state owned, and houses brands such as Belgacom - for fixed line communication, Proximus - for mobile communication, and Telindus - offering ICT services to the professional market.

With consumers moving from fixed line communication to mobile, Belgacom’s success was fast becoming a function of managing incidents effectively in order to facilitate the transition as seamlessly as possible. Under such circumstances, the existing approach of waiting for an incident to occur and then setting out to solve it was making transition a nightmare. And with incident management being a source of constant revenue for IT vendors, they weren’t too willing to work towards eliminating the source of the problem.

Enter HCL.

With HCL, Belgacom embarked on a contrarian approach to business continuity where we found that most failures were preventable.  From then on, we have taken every measure possible to eradicate incidents rather than returning to fix them over and over again. It doesn’t really matter that without incidents there would be no incident management business for us. What matters is that Belgacom keeps the high quality of its telephony service intact.