A near-unprecedented transformation is sweeping through the manufacturing sector. Digital intervention is rapidly changing the fundamentals of how products are developed and manufactured.  It is time for a radical re-imagining of the transactional automation approach and how users interact with advanced solutions, leading to a unified business experience. With the advent of connected platforms and devices, alongside rising customer expectations, manufacturers are updating tooling, software, and automation with the latest technologies. Adopting IoT-efficient platforms can help companies:

  • Proactively anticipate consumer needs
  • Personalize services and products
  • Mitigate frauds and risks
  • Optimize operational efficiency

This can, in turn, bring new opportunities, new levels of efficiency, and new markets and cost reduction never thought possible. 
In this Manufacturing Book of Impact, we have collated the cases where HCL intervened and helped customers deliver integrated platforms and unified solutions to overcome challenges. 

Read our booklet to discover how HCL Technologies helped customers to:

  • Saved costs by the US $260M+ annually
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 70%
  • Reduced cost of operations by 30%
  • Lowered effort for invoicing by 75-100% by leveraging RPA

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