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Sustainability 10 by 2020

Where we are at

In 2011, we published our framework, ‘Sustainability 10’ that guides our goals to achieve ‘Rebalance’ through responsible value creation. A diverse group of internal and external stakeholders were engaged in the process of identifying key sustainability goals to be achieved by 2020.

Sustainability 10Long Term
Where are we
so far?
Goals 2013-2014
Responsible Business
Advocacy - Clear position on public policyLead forums to bring changes in public policies that are science based and impact social and environmental issues positivelyParticipate and contribute in key sustainability forumsContributions: Gender-parity group - World Economic Forum, Leaderboard - Greenpeace, Advisory Council - Global Reporting Initiatives
Gender and Diversity Steering committee Groups - NASSCOM and CII
Same as FY 2012
Innovative IT solutions for climate and community efficienciesIntegrated investments for developing and incubating IT climate and community solutionsInitiate steps to integrate sustainability solutions into existing customer offeringsSteps initiated for integration and offeringsTrack offerings using a dedicated portal as well as creating best practise forums
Embed sustainability objectives into existing policies and practises to guide day-to-day decision makingKey policies relating to Governance, Human Resources, Suppliers and Business Operations are inclusive of Sustainability goalsSustainability office will study the existing practises and policies and provide relevant suggestions to all internal stakeholders

Reinforced commitment to transparent business practices through Code of Business Ethics and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption policies Sustainability awareness programmes completed for Facilities Management teams. Human rights and safety audits built into vendor-community

Strengthen our efforts to train and embrace sustainability - oriented thinking among all internal stakeholders
Redefine Work Place
Promote inclusive growth - employee and supply chainIntegrate diversity into our service life cycleSpecific focus on gender inclusion in the workplaceMarginal improvement on gender-ratiosStrengthen women mentorship programs Measure effectiveness of life counselling
Nurture employee wellbeing and safetyEmployee benefits to include sustainable lifestyle and workplace safety programsImplement life counselling and women mentorshipLife Coach and Women Mentorship programs pilotedImplement well-being programs for women in our supply-chain community
Renew Eco System
Reduce carbon footprintReduce carbon footprint by 20%Implement operations to reduce per capita power consumption by 2% in company owned facilitiesReduced per capita consumption by 1.7% in company-owned facilitiesReduce per capita by another 2% in company-owned facilities
Invest in renewable energy20% of power purchased will be substituted by renewable energyIdentify a facility to pilot renewable energyIdentified and piloted a biomass energy source in our Chennai facility

Improve renewable energy footprint including piloting solar sources for India-based offices

Reflect energy efficiency achieved
and provide clarity in strategy fo 2020

Improve water efficiencyReduce consumption of water by 30% in our owned facilities for sustenanceInstall recycling and rainwater harvesting plants in 4 of our major facilities; implement a standard water measurement processPlants installed in 15 office facilities in India; Water measured and reported this year5% reduction in water consumption
Meet world class green standards for our buildings50% of all our new buildings will comply with global Green standardsObtain LEED/ GRIHA rating for 2 office facilities. Develop and implement "Siting policy" for new infrastructureTwo of our large offices in India have applied for LEED ratingInclude and institutionalize green design in all the future buildings planned for India-based offices
Repay Society
Dignified life for 100,000+ beneficiariesEvery HCLT employee will participate and contribute in community activitiesInstitutionalize CSR TRUST for overseeing community activities; achieve the coverage of 20,000 beneficiariesHCLT Foundation launched; reached out to 37,000 direct beneficiariesStrengthen the existing programs, increase the beneficiaries and measure impact

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.