Customer Experience

How to enhance customer experience to increase market share ?

The very changing dynamics of travel has made this industry a very challenging one, with multiple suppliers and ever evolving passenger experience. Each supplier in the value chain of travel industry is always on the edge to provide measureable value to their travelers. To enable suppliers in providing a measurable value, it is imperative that each supplier in the value chain understands their respective customers and their need to build a very personalized travel offer.

HCL’s mode 2 is about Experience centric and Business outcome oriented services that combines our IT & Engineering capabilities and takes advantage of the key inflections points in the industry. Our next-generation Customer 360 solution with embedded functionality of intelligence is able to give key insights of known and unknown customers. Empowering each supplier in the value chain to track its experience and preference along slide be proactive to react to any negative remark or experience with a pre-approved promotion and/or offer.