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21st CE media companies are leveraging the web to establish direct connect with customers as well as to monetize content. Given 93% of online journeys begin with search engines, their crucial role cannot be undermined in the modern digital ecosystem. Sharper search engine optimization (SEO) will enable companies to craft enriching end-user journeys and drive customer engagement.

SEO techniques help streamline content, improve website ranking, and increase targeted website traffic. In fact, SEO-optimized content leads to greater visibility by driving traffic and improving website ranking – ultimately pushing sales. HCLTech’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) outlines a lucid blueprint for delivering information with minimum effort. Our open source web platform, for instance, helped a leading general interest family magazine consolidate 37 multilingual sites and increase visits by 30%. We also achieved a reduction in maintenance and hosting costs, leading to savings worth $1.1 million.



360° Partnerships & Strategic Alliances

Driving engagement with leading ECMP and WXM product vendors.


CoE based Academy and Approach

Capable and certified professionals with diverse implementation experience

End to End

End-to-end Services

Comprehensive ECMP products, platforms and, verticals from managerial services to strategic consultancy


Application Development

Framework-specific solutions such as UCM for content migration

Ecosystem of Partners

We harness an array of diverse strengths and capabilities through partnerships, building synergies that enable customers to implement and operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our wide network of partners aids delivery of solutions that are tailor-made for each client.