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Consumer behavior has undergone massive transformation because of several recent trends:

  • Emergence of social communities
  • Widely available social media services
  • Increase in media consumption across devices
  • Precise social media monitoring tools
  • Exponential growth of online video

Today, consumers want content and social media services that are personalized and shareable, as well as accessible from the device of their choice. They are eager to receive relevant information from their friends while also communicating with a larger audience.

As a result, Media and Entertainment companies are able to tap into a broad customer base, monetizing their content through personalization and social media solutions, and optimizing online distribution across devices. Brands are now capitalizing on three major trends – targeting consumers across channels and devices, investing more in data-driven marketing, and integrating social media services and gaming into products.

At HCLTech , we have developed cutting-edge Social Media Services that help companies leverage enterprise social media solutions, enterprise social media services, and cloud offerings in order to achieve profitability and business excellence.



Predictive Analytics

Identify emerging trends, events, and behaviors and derive actionable insights across the entire value chain.Read More

Unified Advertising Services

Create and publish personalized advertising campaigns on multiple platforms and consistently monitor their performance.


Socialytics is an advanced tool to help enterprises track social media performance and accurately assess user sentiment.

Ecosystem of Partners

We harness an array of diverse strengths and capabilities through partnerships, building synergies that enable customers to implement and operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our wide network of partners aids delivery of solutions that are tailor-made for each client.