Enterprise Function as a Service (EFaaS) | HCLTech


EFaaS™ (Enterprise Functions as a Service) reinforces enterprise excellence by enabling “best-in-class” business functionalities.

Competitive pressure, demand volatility, and economic uncertainties propel organizations to rethink their operational blueprints. On-demand business models, augmented by responsiveness, service delivery agility, and core business focus, could address this emerging environment. And pushing forward in this direction, telecom outsourcing relationships are witnessing a state of evolution, moving towards stronger synergies and value-driven collaboration. Partner maturity levels for an engagement are obviously of pressing importance, based on the ability to influence business outcomes. Contemporary trends point towards forging partnership models of increased maturity.

Our enterprise service solutions offer an engagement model where Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can determine service requirements, service levels, and performance monitoring systems. Service outcome delivery is clearly defined, beyond IT components’ management and maintenance.  CSPs can now realign focus on enhanced flexibility, agility, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Concerns regarding partner lock-in, lack of transparency, and performance can be mitigated through Right to Audit, Industry Benchmarking, and a SLA regime underpinned by Service Credits clauses.

Our rich experience in transforming enterprise functions has helped create EFaaS™ - a unique suite of solutions for costs management, business process integration with IT and infrastructure for optimization that works on every level.

Enterprise functions are now rendered lean, agile, flexible and scalable, enhancing operational efficiency and fortifying business vitality. With EFaaS™, CSPs can now refurbish business models capitalizing on global expertise and vendor capabilities for a smarter, costs-managed, risk-proof and outcome-focused operations matrix.