5G NR Non-Stand alone and Stand alone call flows -Part 2 | HCLTech

NR 5G is the talk of the town. Mobile Networks as well as device/chipset manufacturers all over the world are working tirelessly to launch 5G at the earliest opportunity. Currently 5G is rapidly treading the path in becoming a commercial reality. The global bodies which govern the wireless communication like 3GPP are currently conducting test, trials and preforming piloting of this new generation of wireless communication. Currently it is just 5G NR launches that will depend on the existing LTE (4G) infrastructure using LTE Core Network and later ripening into the standalone (SA) mode with the 5G core network.

These two flavors and the underlying aspects of 5G are discussed in part-1 of this paper (5G NR Non Stand alone and Standalone Call flow part-1).In this paper, one will be able to understand how the call flow take place in each of these modes of 5G implementation in the segment. Call Flows are the foundation of any communication system. It helps us to gain insights of the protocol messages that are exchanged so the end user can have a seamless communication. Also discussed are how the actual user data flows through protocol stack of LTE and NR, in various types of bearer configurations possible in ENDC mode of 5G.Download the whitepaper to read more

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