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Customer Experience Management 360

Customer Experience Management 360

Customers today expect access to services in a highly personalized and intuitive manner such that they have full visibility into every aspect of ordering, delivery and installation, along with a maximum focus on self-service, as seen in “born digital” channels (e.g., Uber experience). Fierce competition coupled with high “cost of churn” has forced subscriber-based businesses to re-align their strategies towards customerexperience. HCL’s CEM 360 is a solution that can help companies accelerate their journey to offering human-centric, multi-channel customer experiences that aim to excite customers, energize the brand and improve profitability.

HCL’s CEM 360 essentially focuses on designing human centric experiences from the perspective of each user stakeholder (Customer, Partner, Employee, etc.) by incorporating usability, functionality and navigational insights that are modeled using a collaborative design process that includes user group participations in an Experience Lab construct.