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From contact centers to engagement centers

Contact centers have been repeating the script for over two decades now. As customer engagement finds greater business value in today’s digital landscape, modernizing the contact center has become one of the top imperatives for the digital business of today. In 2020, McKinsey had forecasted that personalization would be the driving attribute for contact center excellence by 2025. Although a greater chunk of business-customer interactions continue to be driven by human agents (and this is unlikely to change in the coming few years), empowering these human agents with modern, cutting edge, AI-powered tools is the key to keeping the customer coming back for more.

As most companies shift to subscription models, customer engagement and satisfaction have become key levers for sustaining revenue figures through payment cycles, and in product-based markets, delighting the customer has become the key to building a business that lives to see another day. Added to these developments, the pandemic has also played a significant role in reshaping the expectations that customers and, consequently, businesses have of contact centers. The contact center is today expected to run seamlessly through nimble infrastructure, within browser environments, in a device-agnostic fashion - ready to serve the customer within a hybrid work model. All these factors have posited the need to reinvent contact centers as engagement centers that empower their agents with best-of-breed CRM platforms that are built for today’s digital-savvy customers with high expectations.

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