Digital transformation on the fast-lane with low-code/no-code platforms | HCLTech

One of the key reasons digital transformation journeys fail is the inability of an organization to outpace the speed and agility of the competition. As organizations embark upon going digital, the need to digitize processes and applications increases, putting enormous stress on enterprise IT teams already challenged with massive IT backlogs.

Digital transformation is no longer limited to the acronym “rip-and-replace”; instead, it is about “connect-and-leverage” with the existing services or legacy systems to envisage or realize quick-to-deploy & idea-to-apps strategy at Scale.

“Speed is the new business imperative”. Long planning and application delivery cycles do not allow business users to provide solutions rapidly that help the organization stay competitive and have delightful customer experiences. To enable this, organizations need to rethink the approach to application development. Low code platforms focus on making application development easier and faster. The estimated market size is to be $21bn by 2022, representing a compounded growth rate of 40% as per Forrester and Gartner forecasts “By 2024 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives.”

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