Building experience-driven application operations | HCL Whitepaper

Experience-driven application operations

Everyone wants good CX today - if not consciously, subconsciously. In today's omnichannel environment, customers have greater freedom to switch between products and services - in the midst of this volatility, great experiences and interactions are the only tethers that keep customers loyal to a brand beyond the sales and engagement life-cycle. A BCG report notes the gargantuan 27% difference between the topline growth of CX leaders and laggards. Another HBR article points to a new trend where customer experience is becoming the selling point for businesses.

A collaborative report published by Intel and RedHat links good CX to enterprise-wide agile operations. In today's digital world, customer experiences sit at the intersection of a company's business goals and their alignment with the technology, tools, and processes that drive the enterprise machinery on a day-to-day basis. Understanding the value that Ops support brings to customer experience will be the key to leading the CX game in the coming future. Beyond looking at technologies and processes, businesses must commit themselves to empowering internal stakeholders, boost their experiences, and ultimately make their jobs easier for them. Read the whitepaper to know more.

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