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HCL Technologies

Drive Cost Reduction through self-service and streamlined buying processes

Drive Cost Reduction through self-service and streamlined buying processes

eCommerce is vital to the success of companies and offers many advantages to them and their customers. But many organizations are not reaping the full benefits of eCommerce due to the difficulties of delivering a true omni-channel customer experience. With the CEP approach, HCL can help you plug the gaps in your eCommerce strategy so you can deliver the integrated, end-to-end, easy-to-use experiences customers expect and, as a result, increase revenue and growth. Delivering a high quality customer experience is imperative today. Customers want to choose how, when and through which channels they want to communicate with you. In essence, customers now play a bigger role in the buying process. To be able to make customer interactions seamless, simple and secure companies need to transition to a 21st Century Customer Experience, the basic tenets of which are –

  • Individualism – Analytics driven insights into customer behaviour
  • Omni-channel – Effective omni-channel services draw on past interactions to deliver a seamless experience
  • Guided Selling – Guiding customers through the buyers journey
  • Artificial Intelligence – Using AI to provide proactive, actionable responses to each customer
  • Transparent, real-time communication – Communicate more effectively using AI and Big Data

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