Enabling Gateways for Edge Computing | HCLTech

IoT is playing an important role in the digital transformation of industries. The need for quick and reliable processing of data is raised as millions of IoT devices are generating terabytes of data to the cloud and seeking a response from it. Edge computing provides data processing nearer to devices where it is needed. This resolves the need to send terabytes of data to the cloud, which requires more bandwidth. Edge Gateway is enabling Edge computing functionalities to process data locally and to take quick decisions. Edge Gateways software development has become challenging for developers during the software development stage. The impact of incorrect software design might affect time to develop, efforts to debug, cost to develop the software. These problems can be mitigated by using an opensource edge computing framework to develop edge gateway software during the development phase. EdgeX framework which is opensource used in the Edge Gateway software development. Using opensource edge computing frameworks to develop edge gateway software reduces efforts, time to develop, and cost. 

This paper describes EdgeX based Edge Gateway design, developing applications for edge computing functionalities such as sending data to cloud and performing local analytics. This paper is organized into 3 parts. The first part presents an overview of Edge gateway requirements. The second part presents why EdgeX is preferred for Edge Gateway design, how EdgeX is addressing Edge Gateway requirements. The third part is describing a case study of developing Edge Gateway using EdgeX for achieving edge computing functionalities along with test results.

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