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AEM Integration with ATG commerce

AEM Integration with ATG commerce

Oracle ATG is an e-commerce framework which offers developers the tools necessary for recreating real-life shopping experiences. However, with the evolution of technology, customer expectations from e-commerce are rapidly changing. Personalization, targeted content delivery, real-time updates, and similar demands cannot be adequately met by the traditional e-commerce platform alone.

Augmenting the ATG system with an experience platform can enhance customer experiences by leveraging unique design tools. Adobe Experience Manger (AEM) delivers functionalities across popular platforms like the web, mobile, and social media. It propels content marketing in collaboration with Adobe’s Campaign, Target, and Analytics solutions.

Companies can leverage the following methodologies to achieve seamless AEM-ATG integration:

  • Experience Platform-Led Model
  • Hybrid Model
  • e-Commerce-led Model

An experience platform-led model architects comprehensive customer experiences, coupled with a discrete approach to structured and unstructured content. Our whitepaper helps you decide which approach to ATG-AEM integration is best for your enterprise needs.