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An Approach to Value Engineering of Electromechanical Systems

An Approach to Value Engineering of Electromechanical Systems

This white paper focuses on effective application of Value Engineering (VE) to the designing of electromechanical systems by following a multi-step, structured and function-driven analysis.  The process involves three key steps namely function analysis, concept generation, and concept evaluation for effective implementation. The resulting system creates an impact over entire product realisation cycle, ensuring the best design, manufacturability, cost, and design choices that one can take.

This paper highlights the complexities of analysing an electromechanical system through various indicative examples, and how a systematic VE approach can help in taking care of several industry-characteristic  considerations related to packaging requirements, compliance to standards, thermal management and EMI/EMC. Download this paper to adopt an effective value engineering approach while designing various components of an electromechanical system.