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Camera Sensor/Lens Alignment Impact-Part 2

In this Technical paper, we discuss about he types of alignment process used in the camera manufacturing. Cellphones, tablets and mobile devices plays huge image on the camera sensor alignment process. The conventional alignment process gave way to the newly improved active alignment. The manual active alignment process are used by small and medium scale camera companies. This techniques is used for bigger cameras that houses bigger lens and sensors. These methods are exclusively used where the lens is detachable and uses mechanical mounts. This method take more time and design space for alignment but is cheaper to set up and to manufacture. 

The cellphone and tablet market created miniature camera with high definition sensor, required better alignment process for high volume low cost production. Artificial intelligence Active alignment process was developed to meet this requirement. This method overcomes the limitation of manual active alignment process. Today large scale industry look for faster and cost effective solution. We  discuss about different methods by which these sensor are aligned in compact camera(fixed lens) and bigger Movie cameras( interchangeable lens). 

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