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Needle Free Injection Technology- An Overview

Occupational diseases are constantly on rise and one of the most neglected causes is the risk of the needle stick injuries which occur on regular basis in day today routine of hospital and healthcare setups. The Plethora of new injectable products has created new opportunities for physicians to treat areas previously thought to be not reachable.

Needle-free injection systems are novel ways to introduce various medicines into patients without piercing the skin with a conventional needle. Needle free injection gives very effective injections for a wide range of drugs. Needle free systems are designed to avoid the problems associated with conventional needles making them safer, less expensive, and more suitable. Additional benefits include very fast injection compared with conventional needles and no needle disposal issues. The future of needle free injection devices holds many promises as well as room for improvement. A needle free delivery system may led to improved satisfaction and reduced anxiety among patients requiring frequent or ongoing injections.

This paper intends to throw light on the basic mechanisms by which this technology works and different types of technologies available at present.

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