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Application of 3D Printing in Healthcare

Application of 3D Printing in Healthcare

3D printing plays a small but rapidly expanding role in medical and dental device manufacturing. According to the 2013 Wohler’s report, the 3D Printing industry had combined revenue of $2.204 billion in 2012. Medical and dental applications were responsible for roughly a sixth of it at $361 million. Overall 3D Printing Industry is projected to be $8.4 billion in 2020.

Applications in medical devices include rapid prototyping, VOC, printing medical device components and surgical & dental guides. Hospitals are starting to use it for creating 3D models of surgical areas to assist planning of complicated maneuvers like skull base tumor removal. Other frontier applications in the medical field which are still in research stage include printing the scaffold for complex organs, organ systems, blood vessels & heart. It is being tested to print skin for burn victims, print cartilage and bone for orthopedic implants.