Angular Testing Tools Comparison


Testing of applications is a key component for creating a maintainable and reusable code.Many new frameworks such as Angular,ReactJS, KnockoutJS, PolymerJS, used for dynamic development of web application have been recently introduced. These frameworks have become more popular by their architecture and other new concepts they have introduced .These concepts relieve the developer from writing boiler-plate code, thus easing the development of JavaScript applications in need of fast shipping of final product to customer. Regardless of speed at which they can be learned and implemented, the final product needs to pass a certain level of quality assurance, before it can be delivered to the end user. This paper compares two popular web automation testing frameworks: Protractor and Karma.Based on the results,this paper provides concusion that unit tests can be a good indicator of how well is the application is optimized, as well as provide code coverage. This can be essential for writing smaller and better modules of an application. Testing across many browsers is also a plus.On the other hand, end-to-end test give an overall picture of application. They are not so crucial in determining application efficiency. But they are important in testing a final product, the way application with all connected modules and units works. Their main advantage is that they can help integrate more modules tested with unit tests. This way application can be fully functional and optimized regardless of its size and complexity.