Control valves are the main elements in any fluid-handling system. These valves serve five primary functions which are, to start & stop the flow, to regulate and throttle flow, to prevent backflow, to regulate pressure, and to relieve excessive pressure. The performance of any control valves, and thus, the system will be determined by how good these valves will handle those five stated functions.

An ‘Equal percentage flow valve’ is a type of control valve that produces the same or equal percentage change in flow per unit or fixed change in valve stroke. This paper describes a methodology based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) developed to predict the flow pattern, mass flow rate, coefficient of discharge (Cd) and effective area through an “Equal Percentage” ball valve. The performance of the valves are evaluated based on these key parameters. This methodology will help designers in developing design concepts to improve the Cd and effective area through the valve within a quick turnaround time .Download whitepaper to read more.