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Digital Thread Enablement

Digitalization is permanently changing the way industries across the globe conduct business.

Considering today’s manufacturing companies are at the forefront of two historic trends: unprecedented innovation and increased complexity. The advantages of digitalization are quickly becoming the difference between companies that advance in a competitive marketplace and companies that fall behind.

To take advantage of these trends and compete successfully, must embrace the digital enterprise (digital twin and digital thread). Digitalization is not just about creating or sharing data, it is about seamless data integration and analyzing the data in a virtual context for better and more predictive decision making.

Digitalization in the industry helps companies improve program performance – whether it’s faster time to market, cutting costs, or adding the latest capabilities. It’s about unlocking innovation so teams can move faster. It is adding productivity enhancements in every phase of the product development lifecycle. And today more than ever, it is providing the tools for increased collaboration among remote teams and empowering individuals working off site.

This white paper will cover challenges in data integration and accessing data from multiple source, today’s trend of managing and accessing data across system, technologies used across the industry to build digital thread, best practices, expected solution, benefits / ROI.

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