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Introduction to MEC, 5G customer experience driver

Technologies continue to evolve to manage the diversified market needs. With the advent of 5G, the Telco industry digitalization has already entered into a new transformation. Now, Telcos are focusing on customer experience rather than merely providing connectivity. Data processing near the edge becomes the core behind this implementation. Edge computing is not a new approach. However, the inclusion of network functions virtualization (NFV) and related distributed cloud radio access network (RAN) architecture becomes new. MEC is an approach, an innovative communication model that compliments 5G by allowing Telcos to host content, applications, information closer to end user thus enabling new real time services.

These technology features can enable low latency services on a level not even considered five years ago. Edge enables 5G ultra-reliable low-latency connectivity (URLLC) which enables real-time, compute and resource-intensive applications like autonomous car, drone, augmented reality, virtual reality. This enablement will also help in 5G Monetization and TSP's will be able to enhance their offerings. Besides that, reduction in network congestion & transport will reduce the cost and secure & reliable service will increase the enhanced user experience.

The focus of this white paper is to outline importance of MEC industry and its drivers in the 5G landscape. It also talks about ETSI defined MEC architecture, various MEC deployment options available and HCLTech point of view. Download whitepaper to know more.

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