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Li-Fi for Human Safety system

Visible Light Communication is emerging as a new alternative in the world of wireless communication. Besides, the push for RF Spectrum is getting insufficient day by day. So in order to deal with the limitation, communication systems like VLC and OWC (Optical Wireless Communication) are getting an important attention from both the research area as well as the industrial area because of their plentiful advantages over the existing wireless communication.

Switching the LEDs on and off can make them generate digital strings with different combination of 1s and 0s. New data streams can be encoded by simply varying the flickering rate of the light. In this way, the LEDs work as a sender by modulating the light with the data signal. However, the LED output will appear constant to humans because they are made to flicker at a phenomenal speed (millions of times per second) and it’s impossible for human eye to detect this frequency. Data rate of more than 100 Mbps can be achieved with high-speed LEDs by employing various multiplexing techniques.

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