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The paradigms of usability testing

In the Usability Testing phase, you interact with the end-users and try and figure out if the expectations captured in the initial phase were met in the development phase or not. With Usability Testing, you can test the UX of your product and see what end-users actually do, what works as per expectations, and what does not.

This paper aims to accentuate the significance of Usability Testing and how it can help in accessing and improving the product used by end-users. In Usablity Testing you hand over the product to the end-users to see if they can easily find their way around, complete the tasks and generally understand how it would be useful to them. This paper talks about the categories of Usability Testing, Methods of Usability Testing, Steps for Conducting Usability Testing, SUS, Tools used in Usability Testing, Things to avoid while doing Usability Testing etc. Download the paper to read more.

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