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Secure Solutions for Vehicle Over-The-Air Updates

With an ever-growing proportion of connected cars on road from day to day, Over-the-Air (OTA) solutions have been widely deployed for remotely handling some of the major OEM concerns for software distribution, diagnostics, configuration, etc. on a large scale.

However, as a Consumer Watchdog report quotes: “If you can control your car from any distance, so can a hacker”, adopting OTA solutions has also opened a whole new dimension for vehicle hackers. As the infotainment or the head unit is often connected with the internet, it has turned into a hot-spot for such illegal attacks on the safety-critical parts of the vehicle, making it incomprehensibly life-threatening not only for the driver or co-passengers within the vehicle but also to the surrounding infrastructure, other on-road vehicles and pedestrians as well. This has raised deep concerns for the auto industry, resulting in adopting certain tried and tested cyber-security solutions combined with secure hardware techniques during the design phase of OTA solutions itself, to curb such security attacks. Cyber researchers have also proposed certain short-term and long-term countermeasures against such vehicular network attacks. Nowadays, automakers are keen to introduce more secure and robust inherent features, within their latest model cars. Download the whitepaper to continue reading.


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