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Secured Over-The-Air Updates-An Introduction

The connected industry has always been on a fast track to growing autonomous systems, in which nearly all device operations would be quasi-controlled by the unit itself on auto mode. With the increasing number of smart devices in the market, it has become rather difficult for the OEMs to manage firmware updates, address device complaints, send notifications, install or de-install new features all at once manually through service centers. This becomes even more frustrating for the customers who need to wait for weeks, in case of any device malfunction, to get their gadget repaired or serviced. With the help of the over-the-air approach most of these primary issues are now resolved wirelessly and the customers could just resume with their device operability without any interruption or loss of service due to a huge maintenance window. This also simplifies the job of manufacturers to issue a critical update on a fleet of smart devices in literally no time. Over-the-air update solutions also enable OEM to provide service and maintenance for such smart devices remotely over its entire product lifetime. Hence, over-the-air platforms have grown to be an essential ancillary for the connected industry market for providing massive device updates over the years.

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