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Infra revs up to hyper –speed through Convergence

Infra revs up to hyper –speed through Convergence

The IT infrastructure world is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, and technologies that were once considered a novelty are becoming obsolete very quickly.The changes in the data center environment in particular, are highly dynamic and complex in nature. Following the introduction of converged technology a couple of years ago, the focus has now moved on to hyper-convergence, especially within small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The basic reason for this early adoption in SMEs is to do and achieve more with fewer resources. Hyper-convergence was born out of the concept of converged infrastructure products that include storage, compute and networking in one box. Hyper-convergence is a natural progression in this technology from its initial concept. The basic driving forcebehind hyper-convergence is virtualization. Systems that fall under the hyper-convergence category have the hyper visor built into them.


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