Enabling Remote Workforce Collaboration & Productivity With Augmented Reality | HCLTech

Industrial workforce transformation is bringing wide scale disruption across organizations around the globe. Today, tech leaders are adopting emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) to bring enterprise innovation, agility and business resiliency.

According to IDC's Worldwide AR/VR Spending Guide, AR will continue to serve new use cases and will become more accepted, with global spending surpassing $48.6 billion by 2025. Implementing an AR-enabled remote workforce transformation strategy allows organizations to shift from an onsite‐oriented workforce to an AR-empowered and connected employee base enabling wide range of use cases, delivering field services and employee training and elevating existing use cases to the next level. To add to this, remote workforce transformation through AR technology enables organization to save costs, increase productivity and safety, and at the same time reduce travel needs and carbon footprint.

Download this report to discover the potential of augmented technologies and learn how the winning enterprises of the future can create an organization of “connected experts” and achieve significant technological outcomes.

Key takeaways from this report: 

  • Learn the current state of AR & its role in creating “connected experts”
  • AR based use cases elevating employee capabilities across industries
  • Roadmap to a successful AR-empowered workforce transformation
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