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BPM Surround –Front Office Innovation with Back Office Automation

BPM Surround –Front Office Innovation with Back Office Automation

With the arrival of Affordable Care Act (ACA), the payer industry is facing challenges due to an influx of members. Additionally, the limitations imposed by MLR severely limits IT spend. As a result, organizations are striving to revamp the claims adjudication system that is essentially maintained on legacy mainframe environments. The multiple legacy systems, consolidated over the years, are out of sync with the contemporary business environment. However, implementing a new claims adjudication system is a protracted process, involving substantial costs.

Digitally enabled BPM surround enables a seamless transition, allowing payers to not only remain competitive, but also comply with government regulations. It operates on three key principles:

  • Re-examining the process flow
  • Redesigning the integration
  • Emphasizing on UI design.

BPM Surround goes beyond the conventional approach, which is limited to technology development. Instead, it emphasizes on providing a business KPI lead solution.

Download this whitepaper to learn more.

Download the whitepaper