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Data Science in Clinical Research

Data Science in Clinical Research

The Digital ‘new data’ Age has given companies across industries access to Big Data that is steadily growing.  The Pharma industry is no different and is seeking ways to effectively utilize this data-outburst to their advantage to overcome common business hurdles like – increasing R&D costs, long drug development time, very short window to earn ROI, patent cliff and shrinking R&D pipeline. 

The clinical research ecosystems now have access to data in a way that has not been the case before: from biological data to data from clinical trials to health outcomes data contained in electronic health records (EHRs) to hospital data etc. Putting this enormous repository of data into the right use through data-driven analytics and insights has the potential to revolutionize clinical research.

This whitepaper identifies the various areas in clinical research where data can be leveraged by different stakeholders. It also concludes with an end-to-end use case of patient enrolment which has used data science modeling for an efficient and effective trial recruitment-screening-enrolment-retention. 

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the approaches an organization can take for implementing Data Science in Clinical trail.