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DIaaS - Industrial Data Standardisation

DIaaS - Industrial Data Standardisation

Legacy clinical study data conversion solutions are resource-intensive. This is a key business challenge for businesses in this space. Manual intervention hinders efficient processing and increases the conversion effort. Further, the absence of end-to-end workflows and collaboration tools leads to restrictive project timelines, exacerbating existing complexities.

To address these concerns, HCL has embraced intelligent automation and adopted a metadata-driven approach to industrialized clinical data standards management. Our service can convert several formats, including CDISC standards (ODM, CDASH, SDTM, LAB, and ADaM) or BRIDG model. Deployed on HCL’s Infrastructure Cloud, the system can be utilized both for legacy and active studies.

HCL’s DIaaS (Data Integration as a Service) platform and specialized workforce ensure security and scalability.

Our five-phased validation strategy can be broken down into:

  • Raw data validation
  • Double data mapping
  • SDTM structure checking
  • SDTM data edit checks
  • Custom data edit checks

Apart from offering an application-agnostic data architecture, the platform improves analysis and development. It brings down resource requirements, eliminates roadblocks in the conversion lifecycle, and allows process visibility to sponsors. In addition, incidences of human errors are remarkably reduced through pre- and post-conversion data checking.

Discover more in this whitepaper.

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