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Integration Needs in Enterprise Quality Landscape

Integration Needs in Enterprise Quality Landscape

Suppliers of IT to the science-based industries are looking at the attractive prospect of growing markets. In the case of Laboratory information Management Systems (LIMS), the worldwide market is set to expand from $210 million last year to $330 million by 2009, according to the market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Of course, not all LIMS suppliers will do equally well. 'LIMS vendors that can deliver systems that can interface with other business software systems and that support multiple languages, time zones and data formats are likely to experience robust growth,' says Frost & Sullivan analyst Nate Cosper. And both LIMS vendors and the vendors of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are eyeing up the possibilities of integrating LIMS with larger, enterprise-wide planning software and other allied systems.

Such integration should be easier and cheaper with new standards for middleware, known as web services, which have begun to appear in LIMS packages. But before launching into another systems-integration effort that is delayed, over budget, and only partially successful - as so many seem to end up - companies need to look at their existing LIMS setup.