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Emerging trends in New Media – the way forward for business agility

Emerging trends in New Media – the way forward for business agility

New Media is the fastest-growing segment of the Media and Entertainment industry.

It encompasses all next-generation forms of communication, including digital publishing platforms and online gaming.

In order to power growth, New Media companies must ensure personalized services by investing in data analytics. The challenge for these outlets is to balance ad load and viewer engagement thereby maintaining best-in-class viewer experience.

Ubiquity is an essential element for New Media companies. For instance, Facebook progressed from being ‘anytime, anywhere’ to ‘all the time, everywhere,’ empowering users with omnipresent accessibility.

Additionally, through mergers and acquisitions new media companies are extending scalability and reach in a consistently evolving landscape, offering customized products.

Given this scenario, they require a tech-ecosystem at their core that supports robust innovation. In short, a differentiated approach is required with the following tools and frameworks:

  • Design Thinking
  • Multipurpose platforms
  • DevOps culture
  • Micro-services-based architectures

Read our whitepaper to understand how New Media companies must embed agility in their organizational structure and seize market opportunities by anticipating and nimbly responding to rapidly evolving customer demands.

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