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Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Buying

Video consumption has surged dramatically in recent years, with viewers consuming several hours of video each day across numerous channels. For advertisers, tracking the viewers’ individual choices and preferences already poses a considerable challenge. This is further heightened while capturing the viewing habits of users of linear TV. 

In 2015, the advertising budget for linear TV grew by a mere five percent while the digital advertising budget expanded by over 16%. This statistic is a clear indicator of the fact that the potential for boosting linear TV advertisement revenue is severely underutilized, owing to certain obstacles.

Further, targeted advertising for the linear TV audience is a time-consuming process involving several key impediments:

  • Extended manual effort
  • Long-drawn paperwork
  • Complex consumer-mix monitoring - age, gender and the Gross Rating Point (GRP)

Contrarily, programmatic advertising is a robust and revolutionary approach which provides inclusive and relevant information such as an individual viewer’s personal interests, along with social and demographic data. It deploys next-gen technologies using set-top boxes, which display unique ads (for the same program) at different households.

Programmatic advertising can drive a number of significant benefits:

  • Optimized operational efficiencies
  • Reduced resource wastage
  • Enhanced viewing experience
  • Maximized ROI

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