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Single view of customer - An Enhanced view into Customer Behavior

Single view of customer - An Enhanced view into Customer Behavior

Retailers are witnessing today - a paradigm shift in the buying behavior and a significant increase in the rate of change which has evolved the consumer purchase cycle & behavior. This is influenced by the increased adoption of technology to research a product, access product reviews, compare prices and product features, and identify best deals and discounts. In addition, the proliferation of websites, mobile apps, and social media sites etc. have simplified the process of hunting down information and giving a consumer all the possible options.

In this competitive business environment, retailers stand to lose approximately $300 with each truncated customer relationship. In order to stay ahead of the competition retailers have to develop customer-centric business strategies by enhancing their ability to analyze the latest trends and anticipate future consumer buying behavior.

HCL’s SVoC(single view of customer) approach encapsulates HCL’s understanding, expertise, thought leadership, and leverages the evolving technology landscape to overcome the challenges faced by retailers. SVoC is built on a combination of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and process orchestration layer. 

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