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It is an era of hyper connectivity and an ever increasing world of ideas. The global age is defying the laws of speed and experiences. The big industrial and internet revolutions of the past, are enabling the future of this hyper connected socio-industrial system, where machines, humans and robots work in collaboration and also take into account the planet’s environment. Internet of Things – IoT (or Internet of Everything - IoE) has arrived.

This shift in the ecosystem is neither a breakthrough nor polarized. It has been developing for long and has been an undercurrent that many have ignored or simply not noticed. The internet revolution brought significant changes in the way economies are built. While all this was powered by digital technologies, the next few years will be an era where confluence of digital technologies, sensors, robots, intelligent data and information, combined with developments in related areas like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and additive manufacturing, will play a pivotal role in transforming the society. We call this IoTizing the world, as it would touch every facet of human evolution from genetics, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, transportation, education, urbanization, sustainability etc Read more to know what does IoT mean to the world and how you can benefit from it.