The Oil and Gas, Mining and Utilities industry is highly asset intensive and therefore central to IoT adoption. As per a recent Gartner study, over 60% of the sample companies in this industry either already use IoT or plan to begin their implementations by the end of 2016. However, many of these programs seem to be specific use-case driven while the real opportunity is to help customers define and build a more comprehensive business and technology roadmap and platform for a sustainable enterprise-wide transformation.


Improved Reliability

  • Analyzing data and monitoring processes across the asset value chain
  • Conducting secure operations while gaining insights leading to improved reliability
  • Extending life of assets and enhancing personal productivity & safety

Optimized Operations

  • Monitor and track the health of assets
  • Improve productivity and monitor supply chain
  • Use predictive maintenance to reduce material, labor energy costs (reduce OPEX and CAPEX)

Create New Value

  • Focus on IoT as a driver for creating new sources of revenue streams based on new products and services



Remote Asset Monitoring

  • Track & Trace for assets and inventory
  • Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Predictive analytics based on remote operations monitoring

Intelligent Linear Asset Monitoring

  • Customizable, Contextual Image Options
  • Constantly Evolving Algorithm
  • Dashboards & Visualization Layers
  • Scalable & Rapidly Deployable Architecture

Active Grid Management

  • Active Grid Management for Secondary Distribution
  • Smart Energy-Efficient Facilities
  • Remote Service Monitoring

What we enable

  • Improved resilience & enablement
  • Optimized operations (on edge)
  • New value creation