Global Healthcare and life sciences industry is facing unprecedented challenges especially in the areas of cost and margin pressures, Care delivery, lack of robust discovery pipelines, product recalls, increasing regulations and the cost of research and development. These challenges also bring with them significant opportunities which can be explored and leveraged with an IoT enabled ecosystem.


Changing Dynamics

  • Rising cost of healthcare & skyrocketing R&D cost
  • Shifting demographics to emerging markets
  • Aging population and the need for personalized medication
  • Alliances, partnerships, M&A and globalization

Patient Care & Safety

  • Need for better disease management
  • High average wait time for primary care
  • Restrictions on patient readmission
  • Need for cost efficient treatment and care delivery

Quality & Compliance

  • Quality governance/ evolving regulations
  • Increasing medical errors impacting millions
  • Secure drug supply chain management
  • Patient Reported Outcome



Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Care Coordination Platform
  • Disease Management Platform
  • 'Transition of Care' Initiative

Smart Clinical Trial

  • Accelerated Clinical Trials
  • Meet Regulatory Demands
  • Improve Patient Safety monitoring

Medical Devices – Remote Monitoring & Servicing

  • Sterilization
  • Connected Devices
  • Data, Integration & Management

What We Enable In Healthcare

  • Improved efficiency of clinical research
  • Enhanced engagement of care management
  • Increased post marketing surveillance