Solution Introduction

ILAM, A Next-Gen Answer For Utilities Companies Faced With Rising Operational Costs

Intelligent Linear Asset Monitoring

Every year field inspectors must battle dangerous and inaccessible terrains, as they set out to capture critical information about asset conditions and anomalies. As utilities companies spend billions of dollars on time intensive, human driven monitoring and remediation – they must also comply with an expensive and evolving regulatory landscape. With downtimes caused by natural calamities growing increasingly, T&D companies must find a way to power through the mounting margin pressures and ensure consistent, reliable service delivery to their end-customers.


Intelligent Linear Asset Monitoring (ILAM) solution by HCL Technologies is the IoT-led answer for a utilities industry pushed to the precipice of digital transformation. ILAM combines image analytics and deep learning for accurate real-time monitoring of asset condition, while drastically reducing turnaround times and operational costs.


ILAM taps into a deep learning platform, built on top of a GIS layer, rapidly processing satellite, drone and LIDAR imagery of linear assets and providing precise, real-time, actionable insights that remove errors, dependencies and dangers associated with human inspection while boosting regulatory compliances.


An ML Based Solution To Transform Businesses Into Next-Gen Enterprises


Customizable, Contextual Image Options

LIDAR, Multispectral and Satellite Imagery available for need-based, round the clock and real-time monitoring of various assets of the transmission network


Constantly Evolving Algorithm

Accurate and real-time insights integrated with geospatial information. Analytics support diverse use cases like vegetation encroachment, temperature profiling and asset condition management


Dashboards and Visualization Layers

Integration with ERP systems to create work orders and provide real-time criticality alerts. Role based access that enables quick decision making, and work and resource prioritization


Scalable and Rapidly Deployable Architecture

Can be hosted on private and public cloud environments, enabling customized addition of asset components to the utilities network


Savings That Extend Beyond Regulatory Compliances And Inspection Costs, To Human Costs

Automate Operations

  • Automate anomaly detection and regularize real-time asset condition monitoring
  • Anticipate breakdowns and reduce operation times
  • Integrate with ERP systems to manage workflows and resources
  • Remove subjectivity from assessment

Boost Safety and Compliance

  • Save human costs, time & effort spent on dangerous inspections
  • Comply with the evolving regulatory landscape
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Introduce cost benefits in millions of dollars

Reduce Asset Downtimes

  • Gain end to end visibility of connected linear assets
  • Prioritize maximum impact areas through intelligent monitoring of assets
  • Quicken restoration times during natural calamities

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Build a responsive, safer and compliant transmission network
  • Deliver customer satisfaction by establishing continuous, high quality service

Solution Architecture

End-To-End Visiblity Of Your Transmission Network, Leveraging Deep Learning

Intelligent Linear Asset Monitoring Solution

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