Smart Clinical Trial Solution Introduction

Optimising Clinical Trial Lifecycle To Enable Faster Drug Development

HCL’s Smart Clinical Trial solution aims to make clinical trials smarter, faster, and more optimized by accelerating the discovery-to-market journey for a drug.

Pharmaceutical companies are continually looking to adopt faster and effective drug development models to address issues of competition, consolidation, effective safety monitoring along with management of patient recruitment and retention issues during trials. The solution allows all stakeholders involved in clinical trials for a drug to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technology and perform 'day-to-day' safety monitoring of the patients participating in the trial/ program, hence boosting protocol adherence and REMS compliance.

This helps in early identification of trends/ patterns contributing to enhancement in decision-making capabilities for the outcome of the trial, in-turn saving time, effort, and capital for pharmaceutical companies. By enabling e-visits through various smart devices to capture vital signs and e-diary data of trial subjects apart from scheduled visits, the solution helps investigators/ clinicians to view patient data in real-time by leveraging the smart ‘Patient Portal’ and providing safety monitoring and care through multi-disciplinary teams effectively and immediately. Thus the solution helps improve patient safety, faster completion of clinical trials, and compliance with regulatory demands.

Clinical Trial Solution

SCT Features

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Vital signs and eDiary data of study subjects/ patients collected through Smartphone/ tablet/ Mi-Fi and biometric smart devices continually between scheduled EDC physical visits


Real-time Feedback Generation

Smart ‘Patient Portal’ interprets the reading and sends pre-programmable feedback to study subjects


Real-time Alerts

Investigators/ clinicians alerted of any abnormal readings to provide safety monitoring and care effectively and in real-time


Secure, Accurate, and Complete Data Recording

Vital signs and eDiary data of study The data of the study subjects is recorded in a secure manner without any human error and can be sent to the sponsor to be loaded in CDMS or EMR as per extraction protocol

SCT Benefits

Take Advantage Of The Next-Gen Business Drivers That That Redefine The Clinical Trials Journey

Improve Patient Safety
  • Data reliability and access
  • Real-time safety monitoring and intervention
  • Better mitigation of BIMO, RiskMAPs, and REMS
Faster Completion of Clinical Trials
  • Adaptive protocol design
  • Flexible washout, run-in, and titration protocols
  • Early ID of low dose, placebo, and non-responders
  • Reduced patient dropout rate and trial duration
  • Improved Statistical Analysis and IRB decision
Meet Regulatory Demands
  • Improved compliance to protocol
  • Generate better and reliable outcomes
  • Obtain reliable patient reported data


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