In today's dynamic world it doesn't suffice to have efficiency within four walls but should ensure it is maintained while coordinating cross-company business interactions. When data passes through traditional borders, various inconsistencies, errors, and redundancies arise, leading to wasted work. Logistics service providers, Carriers and Shippers have their unique challenges which can be addressed with IoT.


Logistics Service Providers

  • Tracking multi modal and inter-modal shipments end to end including and through customs clearance


  • Increase asset utilization
  • Improve service levels
  • Improve employee productivity

Shippers & Recipients

  • Visibility & condition monitoring
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Inventory optimization



Remote Asset Monitoring

  • Track & Trace
  • Asset Performance
  • Predictive Maintenance

Warehouse Automation

  • Space Optimization
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Streamlining Operation

Building Automation

  • Energy Optimization
  • Maintenance Optimization
  • Remote Monitoring

What We Enable In TTL Industry

  • Improved asset reliability & utilization
  • Increased employee productivity & safety
  • New value creation
  • Improved customer service and ease of use